The LAPLR is dedicated to the proper management of the record registry of the Lagos State High Court (the Physical records of the Lagos State High Court).  At LAPLR, there is a fusion of strict thoroughness with core competence; a fusion that results in an efficient failsafe mechanism.

LAPLR is a much needed intervention for the Lagos State High Court archival and document retrieval system because it acts as a security that gives required information, records and documents that are stored in an inviolable form that can be retrieved and accessed once the need arises, this will also make search easier and faster.

The services provided will include electronic search system to be used by the public, lawyers and corporate bodies. The Archives will be modernised and the land related cases will be digitised – a digital solution that can provide a facility for people to conduct a search online from any device. The system will have a search facility allowing users to search using certain predefined criteria. Once the user has conducted a search, the result can either be printed or emailed to a supplied email address.