The Justice Research Institute (Ltd. Gte.) (JRI), Lagos is a justice policy and research centre established in 2005 in Lagos, Nigeria. It is affiliated to the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos, Akoka. It was established as a private-public sector think thank and educational resource for the operators of the justice sector. Our goal is to be the most reliable source of data and critical information on the justice sector in Nigeria. JRI has a unique inroad into the peculiarities of the systems of the Nigerian judiciary. With its exposure, it is properly placed to provide unique and workable solutions to ensure an efficient operation of the justice system in all its ramifications.

The Archival System of the Lagos State High Court is regulated by the office of the Chief Registrar who is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the efficient and smooth running of the system. The Lagos State Archival System has far reaching implications in the quest for justice. From ensuring the safety of documents and records used in judicial proceedings to securing mechanism of Judicial Precedent, the core ideal on which our judicial system is built, the archival system is a fundamental pillar holding together the Lagos State High Court. Accordingly, the Lagos State High Court, being dedicated to its charge to deliver justice efficiently and speedily, strives to secure the most efficient system of document archival and retrieval.