The Lagos Archive and Property Litigation Registry (LAPLR) is a private limited liability company registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The company is jointly owned by the Lagos State Judiciary and the Justice Research Institute. Its primary objective is to address the deteriorating state of the Lagos State Judiciary archives by delivering a world-class archiving system that will transform record management in the High Court of Lagos State. A major feature of our service delivery is cost-effectiveness while maintaining our commitment to the highest possible standards.

LAPLR extinguishes former concerns about the legitimacy, authenticity and comprehensiveness of information stored in the archives and property litigation registry.



At LAPLR, we aim at

  • providing diligent services where people can get credible and reliable information 
  • reducing litigation over property,
  • improving certainty around land property transactions,
  • providing transparency in land and property transactions,
  • enhancing public confidence in property transaction which will boost investment in land and properties,
  • increasing the reliability of the legal and commercial system.

Our mission

To provide a sound, secure and user-friendly archival and document-retrieval system for the Lagos State High Court registry.

Mission Statement

Securing easy, timeless access to information through commitment to excellence.

Core goals

At  LAPRL, it is our goal to:
  • Create a world class archiving system that manages all information constituting the record of the High Court of Lagos State and to provide members of the public with authorised online access to these records.
  • Modernize the Lagos State High Court Archives and Probates by refurbishing the premises, sorting, arranging, cataloging and indexing all files in the Court archive.
  • Develop processes and procedures for capturing property litigation and dispute information to support verification of all property transactions in Lagos State with regards to their litigation status.
  • Develop an integrated property information system that will hold all relevant information relating to property litigation in the Lagos State High Court. This system will be accessed from different user friendly online channels in different formats by the public.